Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love Your Momma!

You've heard it before, but it still applies today -- everything we need to know about life, we learned in kindergarten. You know...naps and snack time and sharing are all great things, right?

But here's one you might not recall the teacher talking about long ago: "Always help your momma and daddy at home." We know how important it is to "honor thy mother and father," (and that applies to all the wonderful people who influence our lives and play any sort of parent/mentor role), but do we apply that to our Earth mother as well?

Since it's officially spring (even if your local weather doesn't quite agree), it's a great time to combine our love of gardening with the art of recycling. And it is an art, albeit one which can, with practice, easily become a good habit or ingrained choice. We all know the regular ways to recycle paper, plastic and aluminum products, and hopefully, we're practicing doing just that. But what about ways to reuse items we usually throw out once the original consumption is done? Do you compost?

So, speaking of role models and loving thy parents, here's a brilliant way my own smart daddy applies his love of everything frugal, a lifelong stewardship of recycling and green thumb abilities:

Is that not a brilliant way of thinking outside (and inside) the box? Taking landfill items and turning them into recycled gardening containers makes me smile big. And I'll be smiling even bigger when I get to taste one of those fresh summer tomatoes that started out as a little sprig in a soft drink can or diaper wipe box!

How 'bout y'all? I have an absolute penchant for what I call Recycled Cooking (if you haven't noticed), but I'd love to hear your fresh ideas on turning trash to treasure through recycling.

And thank you for your continued support with the best blog votes. We're currently in first place...and "only" 10 days to go! LOL Aaaaaiiiiieeeeeeee!


jill said...

we make starter pots from newspapers. when the plants are ready for the garden, you just drop the whole thing into the ground. it's a reuse and compost combo.

Michelle H. said...

Yay! First place in the contest. I'll vote again today. I KNEW you could get up there.

As for recycling, my father uses an old bathtub as an ouside water catcher for rain so he can water the plants in the garden.

giddymomof6 said...

I love repainting old furniture and bringing back to life antqiues... you know shabby chic? LOL! And YAY! I've been voting! Congrats so far! jenni

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

We're recyclers and trying to educate others to do the same! Always looking for new ideas. Looking for a new way to use shredder waste besides in packing. Any ideas out there?

Got to go vote for ya again!

Jennifer Roland said...

I use the clear plastic clamshells from the salad bars and takeout places as my gardening containers. They are not accepted in our curbside recycling, so this is an awesome way to reuse them.

Soda cans have a deposit here in Oregon, so they go back to store, not to the reuse bin!

@jill, I love the idea of using newspaper, though. I use some of my newspaper to line my indoor compost bucket so it is easier to dump into the outside container. But, this would be a good way to reuse the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

My brother uses newspaper in the flower garden to keep weeds out. I hate to pull weeds and this works great. Use as a layer before you stick the plants in and mulch over it. Wet it good before planting and it is easier to punch through.

Embee said...

We recycled when I was growing up, and I've recycled as an adult, and now we're teaching our kids to recycle...third generation recyclers!!!

And I'm going to vote again. Congrats on first place!

Sharla said...

I like that newspaper weed deterent idea! We don't have anyplace around here for recycling, and I hate that. I've been thinking about starting something for years.

We buy ice cream in those big buckets with a handle, and save the buckets for all kinds of things, picking peppers, carrying tools, even filling with water and freezing because they have a lid and are great for putting in a cooler just like that to keep things cold. We put one in the live well in our boat when we go fishing.

Debbie said...

I've been cheap - I mean green - for so long. We reuse and recycle everything we can!
Yay! Top spot:)

Jessica said...

Oh man. I was just thinking about how to compost the other day, but honestly, I wouldn't know how to start.
Good for you for being creative and ingenious! I did start taking my milk containers to the recycle bin...but that's the only thing I've ever done.
Don't hate me.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Jill, excellent idea!

**We used to save the dryer lint, roll small wads of it in wax paper rectangles, and twist the ends like bubble gum. Excellent camping fire starters.**

Thanks, Jenni. I love refurbished antiques too & using things for new purposes. :)

Donna, I'd love to know also since King Rufus loves his shredder. At least we can recycle it here, though.

Good idea on the takee outee containers, Jennifer. I never buy plastic containers b/c I have so many I keep after washing from other products. Great to bring leftovers to others in.

Oren, wanna come do my flower beds? LOL

Great family tradition, Embee. Thanks for the votes!

Sharla, we freeze the milk jugs too. Great for putting in ice chest and must-haves for hurricane season.

I'm the same kinda cheap/green, Debbie. :)

AVT Coach said...

These are great ideas! Loved reading all the comments too! This is not exactly green but I am committed to borrowing books from the library this year instead of buying them. It is conserving trees/paper and money.
Speaking of mothers..hows yours?

Angie Ledbetter said...

AVT, the library is a great place for lots of reasons. (I emailed ya.)

Sandra Leigh said...

I buy eggs from a local farmer, who is delighted to have the egg cartons back for refilling. Also, I have several cloth shopping bags. They live in the trunk of the car, so that I always have them along when I'm shopping. It's wonderful. I no longer have cupboards full of plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

We've been recycling for years. I love the idea of reusing containers for growing new plants. Great idea! I'll keep voting!

Anonymous said...

I am best at recycling paper. I keep a paerbag in my kitchen, under the desk. All thin food boxes and papers (once hand shredded) go there. Then I take it out about once a week to the large bin. Convenience is the key here.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yay, Sandra! I use the grocery bags for bathroom trashcan liners and bring lots of them back to the store for recycling.

JyLnC, I appreciate the votes!

TTWC, we recycle all our papers here weekly here. Sure keeps the regular garbage from piling up. :)

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