Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unleash the Creative Muse Contest!!!!!!!

Hey, y'all! I'm peeping into Blogland today to kick off a cool, artistic, writerly contest I know you'll enjoy!

My Divalicious friend Steph Jordan will judge AND create the BEAUTIFUL AWESOME WRITING JOURNAL for the winner. (And as usual, I might have a few prizes around to give out to some other lucky winners.)


1.) Put your artist's beret on and come up with your best design idea for the cover of a writer's journal. State your theme, colors, and any other blingy ideas that come to mind in a comment.

2.) If your blog ID isn't connected to your signature, please leave an email address or link so I can get in touch with you if you're a winner!

3.) Steph will choose a winner, create the journal using your winning idea, and mail you your one-of-a-kind prize.

4.) ONE entry per person. We're limiting this particular contest to US residents only. (Sorry...postal costs and all that.)

5.) Contest runs through next Wednesday, July 6th (midnight Central time). We'd sure be obliged if you shared the contest with your friends and buddies. :)

Now, don't be shy! There's NO artistic creation Steph can't whip up! If you need some inspiration, cruise her Etsy shop for bright splashes of color HERE or her uplifting blog:  Living in Color.

Wheeeeeeee...hugs to all, and I'll be back on a regular basis VERY soon. Got lots to tell ya, lots going on, lots accomplished, travel stories, etc. etc. etc. to share. It's A-MAZING what you can do if you "unplug" for a few months. XXO

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get it 'Fore it's Gone!

I've been AWOL from the social networking grid for a long long time, but have gotten an amazing amount of things done! Photos and details soon, I promise.


Popping in today for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.......

If you love to read, get Kat Magendie's Tender Graces today!! It's one of the best books ever. (Check out the 70 fab Amazon reviews if you don't believe me.) That it was written by one of my very best friends is a bonus. And that it has consistently been at the top of the Amazon list, reads like a fresh, lyrical Harper Lee work, is gripping & haunting...well, that's just more gravy on top the biscuit!

Even if you don't have a Kindle, you might be able to download this awesome book to your computer reader, iPad or phone. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Or grab one for a friend. I did, and it made a nice little surprise! (The third "graces" book in the series comes out in the fall.)

[click here]--> LAST DAY OF THIS SUPER LOW $2.99 PRICE SPECIAL!!!!!


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