Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Writerly Wednesday ~~ Contest and Other News...

Hey writerly blog pals! Before other things, I posted the recipe to Beth's yummy Italian Cream Cake below. It's TDF!

How's it going in your corner of the world? I've been b-u-s-y lately, but with good stuff. Cooking, writing projects, some creative endeavors of the Vispo-collage-art kind, reading, researching some new ideas for our beloved Rose & Thorn Journal, (check out our winter issue -- it's fab!), collecting recipes/pics for a cookbook project, etc.

I've also been doing some background/extras work on the set of HBO's Treme show down in New Orleans. Sooooooo much fun, and an awesome series. Check it out on Hulu if you get a chance. The second season airs starting in April. I'll let you know if I make it past the editing "machine" and actually appear in any of the episodes. haaa

Okay, enough about Gumbo Writer's world. Hope yours is twirling just as nicely as mine! :)

It's time for a writing contest, dontcha think? This one will honor ST. VALENTINE'S day. It's simple and fun, so enter to win a fab writerly package, which naturally includes lotsa chocolate and coffee -- mainstays of the "job" description. [More on that on Friday's post.] 

All you have to do is write a Valentine's haiku and leave it in a comment. Or, hey, if you're not one of those mushy, gushy, lovey-dovey types, how about an anti-Valentine's haiku? *grin*  

Haiku is that Japanese poetic form that follows the 5 + 7 + 5 = 17 syllabic equation. They're fun, easy and can be surprisingly "deep" if crafted correctly. And the best part? ANYone can write a haiku! 

Here's a quick example~~~~~~~~

He corrected her
drink order: "Two rumand Coke." 
The break-up followed.

So get busy, have fun, and enter to win by midnight February 13! (Leave me an email address if you don't have a Blogger account profile so I can get in touch if you win!) One entry per customer.

For another cool writerly contest of the Mardi Gras variety, check out Tere Kirkland's at her The Lesser Key of Tere writing blog. Cool prizes to be given!

Just in case you're wondering...I've got three sticky notes left in my 100-pack Spread the Love project. It's been SOOO much fun. I'm going to do it again soon. Recipients have really enjoyed the little boost to their day and/or an unexpected "love" note.

Now.....get out there and do something nice for somebody, and for yourself too! xxo


Tere Kirkland said...

Thanks, Angie! You rule!

Cool contest. I'll have to think up a haiku and come brain cells are fried this morning!

Diane said...

You've been busy! I didn't realize you were an aspiring actress. Next you'll be rubbing shoulders with Harry Connick Jr... :O)

Amanda said...

Can't wait to read the entries. I'll be keeping a respectable distance from this one. ;)

rosaria said...

Oh, so tempting, and a side of chocolate too. I'll wait for free verse contest, though. Haiku is not my forte.

Ann said...

Well be interested to read all the entries. What an adventure you are having....and a HBO series to add to your credit! Fun!

Sandra Leigh said...

Believe it or not, I am actually feeling rather writerly today, having had two (count 'em!) rendezvous with Dr. Wicked this morning. I've decided to enter a local (short fiction) writing contest. The deadline is March 4. Warming up, I am. Meanwhile, haiku, eh? I'll ponder that. Glad to hear you're having such fun, Angie --

Susan Kramer said...

Susan Girolami Kramer's attempt at Haiku:

Hearts long retreated
Our pictures fireplace kindle
Valentines smoldered

Not a cheery Valentine, but you never forget your first love and your first broken heart.

Anonymous said...

what susan said...

Keep rose, candy, heart
Give me football, beer, and nuts
Screw cupid’s dumb day

Jessica Bell said...

I'm entering two. If that's cheating, then just consider the first one my entry :o)

abridged intentions,
float inside crooked halos;
pierced love, anti-hearts.

No reds, no arrows—
practiced domestic efforts;
lullaby’s sing byes.

Glynis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roslyn Ross said...

Springtime birthed you bright,
Summer's kiss on winter lips,
Autumn gentled love.

Roslyn Ross said...

Hey Angie, my second go at a Haiku. Not sure I have the syllables right but thought I would give your competition a try.

Glynis said...

Trying again. Found my lost syllable :)

Stiletto promise
Floral bribe, sweet chocolate kiss
February farce

J.R.McRae said...

Anti-Valentine haiku :D

At heart, the rosebud
Longs to drive her thorn deep
In the lover's chest.

Cut roses die, scent
Lost amongst cooking and
Bodily odours.

Stacy Post said...

Here's my attempt:

The waitress smears
chocolate frosting on clean
dishes to make him late.

I think it will all hang on whether or not "chocolate" is two-syllables or three...up north it's two!

Robyn Campbell said...

Thinking. I'll be back later if my brain isn't mush. ;)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Thanks to all who participated! You did some mighty fine haiku crafting. :D

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