Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tasty Tuesday ~~ A Yummy Read AND Contest!

No, I'm not completely nuts and forgetting that today is usually recipe day, but you know ol' Gumbo Writer likes to shake things up now and then. So, instead of rattling the pots and pans today, I've got an especially yummy "recipe" for all the writerly folks and those who just like to doodle with words!

Speaking of all things writerly, I'll announce winners of my Flower Power contest tomorrow. Thanks for all the great entries, y'all! [***I know I've been a terrible visitor lately, but I'm remedying that in the next few days. Been busy putting together the fall issue of @RoseandThorn.] :)

Friend Kim Richardson is hosting a contest with a really cool prize over at her blog. I just know one of my bloggerish friends is going to be the winner, so get on it. Kimmi's been super busy tweaking her book and getting it ready for launch. I've read THE UNBREAKABLE CHILD, and can't recommend it loudly enough. But more on that later. Today, it's all about the contest!

Kim says,
"To celebrate the Oct. 1st 2010 release of my memoir, The Unbreakable Child, see here [Amazon] and keeping with the theme of my book, I would like to invite you to submit a children’s poem or a proverb-style type sentence (no more than 4 lines) for a child you don’t know...First Prize will be awarded by literary dream agent, Stephany Evans, president of FinePrint Literary Management.  The winner will receive a 50.00 American Express Gift Card."
Go to Kimmi's blog to enter!


Gaston Studio said...

Am downloading to my Kindle as soon as I finish this comment... congratulations to your friend for having the guts to put it all down!

LTM said...

that is an awesome contest--and did I mention I LOVED the blonde jokes??? I was out of town last week, but doing my best to keep up...

scoot over to my blog--I left ya something~ ;p

Angie Ledbetter said...

G.S. - You'll be glad you did, and thanks! Yes, Kimmi has every right to claim victimhood as her mantle for life...yet she does not! She is one of the VICTORS!

TLM - Thank you, will be by this afternoon after errands to visit.! Glad you got a giggle or two. :)

PK Hrezo said...

Hey, I found your blog from Leigh's awesome list. Sorry I missed the Flower Power contest but looking forward to following your blog. :)

Steph Jordan said...

I love your blog! :-))

Marguerite said...

Sounds like a great book and contest! I'll be checking it out very soon! Thanks, sha!

kim said...

Angie, my friend, thank you most kindly for your generous shout -out and linky love!! Most appreciated! Xx

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