Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boo & Thib (& Some Blingage)

Yesterday it was blondes, today it's our beloved Cajuns Boudreaux & Thibodaux!

Vacation Boo Style~~

Boudreaux an' his lovely bride Marie talk about it bein' way too long since dey been on vacation, so Boo, him decide to take dem down to dat Cajun Riviera, Holly Beach, Louisiana.

Dere, da couple, dey have some great time! Dere hotel room got a great view, da weather's nice, and it's juss da relaxation da couple needs.

One day, Marie bury Boudreaux in da sand on dat beach. Den Boo, he bury Marie in da sand. It was too much fun, yeah!

A year later Boudreaux is drinkin' at the Prop Stop Bar & Bait Shop wit his bess friend Thibodaux. "Thib, mais I wish you coulda been at da beach wit me and Marie lass year!"

Thib say, "Mais Boo, dat woulda been some fun. I ain't had a vacation in I don't know how long. Maybe we can go dis summer, juss us two?"

Boo tinks and tinks, den orders two more beer. "Hey, Thib mon amie, why don't we do dat? Me and you, we'll go back to dat Holly Beach. While we dere, you can help me dig up Marie!"


Thanks to Amanda Bonilla at The Keyboard, GumboWriter is sporting new blog badge blingage. The Humane Award (yeah, yeah, we're all aware of my distaste for furballs, {see Colby's video in the sidebar} but the badge, thankfully, features a dawg! And since Amanda passed on the honor to recipients who are supportive of her writing efforts vs. animal lover humanitarians, I shall do the same.

*Sidebar -- It's always hard to pick just a few recipients because I love all my "regulars!"*

Da Rules:

*Accept and post the award to your blog check
*Link to the person from whom you received it check
*Pass the award to 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement check
*Let them know they've been chosen for this award check

"Humane" blogs (that might be new to some of you) that love writers and laughter in equal measures ~~

  1. Irish Gumbo - a writing lad if ever there was one
  2. Vodka Mom, who has happy hour 24/7
  3. Crazy Debbie's Suburb Sanity
  4. Lady Glamis, The Innocent Flower
  5. Harvey Stanbrough's informative Writing the World

These blogs are owned by lovely, funny, smart or downright crazy people who like to share and encourage, so go visit 'em!


Vodka Mom said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.

I bow to your greatness!!!!!! xoxox

Stephanie Faris said...

Hehehe. A cajun joke. I had to read it twice to figure out the lingo but once I did I laughed out loud.

Michelle H. said...

Oh Angie, you are a riot! A very good laugh on this rainy Sunday.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

A cute award! Tastefully green! Congrats!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL, as if VM! You're welcome.

Attagirl Stephanie! :)

Hey Michelle. Glad ya enjoyed.

Not bright at all, is it Boomer? Thanks!

The Unbreakable Child said...

LOL. Great Angie and a perfect way to begin the Sunday!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Congrats to the awardees and awarder! :)

Anonymous said...

You know me, leave no trace.
Hey, Michelle,
Go play in the rain. It helps.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Kimmi/TUC - Glad you got your day off to a good start. :)

Kat - Thanky.

Oren, Oren, Oren. What am I gonna do with you? *shakes head*

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Congrats on the award! Very well deserved.

Sandra Leigh said...

my brain hurts. I'm reading Patricia Cornwell's Isle of Dogs, struggling with the Tangier Island "backward speech" - and now this. Too much for my old head (but funny). How many dialects do you folks have down south?

Analisa said...

This was so funny and I read it outloud so I could practice my cajun accent. LOL

Marguerite said...

A good one about the Cajun Riviera! I do hope that your readers realize that the Boo-Thib jokes contain exaggerated dialect and that WE really don't talk "like dat", sha! lol Congrats on your latest award, and to all of the winners.

Irish Gumbo said...

(blushing) You honor me, m'lady. Thank you, and best wishes from the Republic of Gumbostan!

Debbie said...

I just love it when someone calls me crazy! Thank you. You are such a dear and I am flattered that you even read my drivel.

Shigune Matsui said...

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