Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's in your...Suitcase?

Thanks, friends, for your faithful prayers and also for continuing to vote for my blog. Things are still up in the air with my friend's dear husband, but we all appreciate your thoughtfulness so much. I miss making my daily blog-jog, but will be visiting again ASAP!


If you've ever been duty-bound and/or spent a lot of time in the hospital setting, I'm sure you've daydreamed about escape. That's our theme today. Say you're dashing to the nearest train depot or airport and have a ticket waiting for you, paid for by some mysterious millionaire. Your chore list has taken care of itself and suddenly...time has opened up leaving you free to flee for a long weekend.

The only problem with our fantasy scenario is that you only have five minutes to gather your things, and can only bring one medium suitcase. Besides clothes, you may pack seven items.

Since we had a major storm roll through the Baton Rouge area last night that knocked out electricity (and my barely-hanging-together computer monitor), I amused myself by contemplating my suitcase items. With my very limited artistic ability, I've rendered my packed suitcase in my favorite medium -- Sharpies and printer paper -- below. Nothing like playing with art/drawing supplies once in awhile! Try it if you get the chance.

Gumbo Writer's Packing List (the multi-colored blobs on the right side are my clothes):

  1. 1 Pound of dark roast Community Coffee
  2. Current read -- The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs
  3. Note pad
  4. Favorite writing pen
  5. Reading glasses (& case)
  6. Digital camera
  7. Bottle of Aleve

Okay, so what's in YOUR suitcase?


Melissa Marsh said...

Clean underwear! Always a must. ;-), journal, laptop, pen, camera, clothes, toothbrush.

Rebecca Nazar said...

1. Sunscreen--I'm heading somewhere sunny.
2. Christopher Moore's latest book.
3. Can of almonds.
4. Exercise bands.
5. Camera
6. My ipod
7. Laptop

Janna Qualman said...

1) a case of bottled frappucino
2) a book
3) laptop
4) chapstick
5) toothbrush
6) small pillow
7) picture of my fam

Sandra Leigh said...

1. I'm with you on the coffee, Angie - but can I sneak my French press in on the same item #?
2. My tiny Acer laptop
3. The book du jour
4. toothbrush
5. Yes, Melissa, clean underwear
6. Pen
7. Paper

I'm lucky. I wear progressive lenses, so my glasses are always on my nose, not in my bag.

If I had a little digital camera, I'd take that and ditch the paper. I could always write on my arm!

Jessica said...

Fun question, too much thinking for me right now. LOL I'll try to come back tonight, after I've had a nap. :-)

Cheffie-Mom said...

COFFEE, laptop, journal, camera, SOCKS, sweatshirt, chocolate

Great post!

Kathryn Magendie said...

1. laptop
2. pain reliever
3. clean undies
4. start throwing stuff in there willy nilly to where I don't know what the hell I have in there and the reading glasses can go in my pocket, so can my cell and dang it all, only 7 so that has to go, but wait, did I pack the...oh crud...sheesh....boing boing boing boing boing.

Karen said...

1. whatever book I'm reading
2. Another book for when I'm done that one.
3. CD player
4. Candles (I assume I'm going with Hubby)
5. Slinky nighty (see above)
6. Digital camera
7. Hubby (will he fit in the suitcase?)

lizspin said...

You fogot to ask what will NOT be in my suitcase. . .


Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

1. A big, juicy book and Bible. (Count as 2?)
2. Meds that I need for survival.
3. Camera.
4. Laptop.
5. Cell phone.
6. Favorite snacks.
7. MP3.

Anonymous said...

The book on my nightstand (whatever it may be at the time), chapstick, camera, cell phone, ipod, gum

Carrie Wilson Link said...

1. Laptop
2. Headphones for said laptop
3. Book (now reading BOOK OF LOVE - you'd love it, it's #2 in a series)
4. Fuzzy socks
5. Lots of quarters for the vending machine
6. Elastic-waist sweatpants
7. Favorite mug

Embee said...

1. Laptop.
2. Book.
3. Snacks.
4. Dramamine if I'm taking a plane or train.
5. Sweater.
6. Another book.
7. OMG I just realized how boring I am!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Melissa, I guess I counted clean pantaloons as part of my clothing. LOL. And I musta been carrying my laptop seperately because there's no way I'd leave without it!

Almonds are a good addition, Becca!

Ooo, Janna, yeah on the feather pillow from home. :)

Sandra, you most certainly can have your French press. mmm mmm good!

Hope you got that nap, Jessica.

Cheffie, I guess I'm planning on buying my snackage once I arrive at destination. Chocolate, definately!

LOL, Kathryn. You can always shop for what didn't make it into the suitcase. :)

Karen, I think you need to plan that romantic getaway and make it happen!

I hear ya, Liz! No teens allowed under any circumstances!!

Great packing list, Donna. :)

blueviolet, what am I missing about the chapstick? Gum can go in your purse, so you can pick another item for your suitcase.

Linda said...

1. Hair products (I'm counting them ALL as one. They're an absolute necessity, and always the first thing I pack)
2. The book I'm reading - Jodi Picoult's Handle With Care
3. Cell phone - I don't actually remember anyone's phone number now that they all stored in my cell phone)
4. Laptop
5. My eBook
6. My solar charger
7. Clean undies

Hilary said...

1) Camera
2) Extra batteries
3) Charger
4) Tylenol
5) Contact lens items
6) iPod
7) Book

Dang.. don't look at me. I didn't pack my makeup!

Linda said...

Shoot....I forgot my contact lens items....thanks for the reminder Hilary....I guess I'll have to leave my undies at home so I can take my contacts!

Anonymous said...

Coffee is a must!
What I happen to be reading (but I would have to narrow it to one book)
Contact stuff

colbymarshall said...

1. Laptop
2. Bathing Suit (I'm going to the beach!)
3.) camera
4.) notebook/pen
5.) the book I'm currently reading
6.) excedrin
7.) sunglasses

Anonymous said...

My makeup
Eye contacts and all that goes with them
Digital camera
AAA books for where ever I'm going
Coffee Mugs
Skin Care products

Angie Ledbetter said...

Carrie, sweatpants, fuzzy socks and quarters are essentials! :)

LOL, Embee. You're not boring at all.

Linda, the charger is a great addition! I didn't count toiletries since I could get them at the hotel or local drugstore if I couldn't fit in the small make-up kit somewhere.

LOL, Hilary. Staying in and ordering room service sounds fun and relaxing. Or treat self to a make over at destination? hmm

Linda, you can pack 'em both since they're small items. :)

TTWC, hope you actually get to pack and use those items on a quick getaway soon. Wishing same for us all!

Colby, except for the bathing suit *shiver*, our lists are similar. Wanna room?

You're a regular fashion plate, JyLnC!

kimmi said...

Okay, so this millionaire is payn' for the ticket, I'm assuming he's payn' for that five-star hotel as well!

Toothbrush not needed to take up room in my suitcase as they supply at the hotel. And the lobby has a Starbucks. ; )

Grab: camera, Les Miserables book, bucket of gummi bears, cell, my 20 year t-shirt for sleeping, pen and pad.

kimmi said...

Ackkk, I need to buy an IPOD -- I need MUSIC> I'll give up my cell! : D

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