Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spotlight On...Christmas Meme for Writers

Love the photo? I took it at a little cafe in St. Francisville, Louisiana a lot of motorcycle riders frequent. "HOG-wild for Christmas," I think is a good caption.

Today's holiday meme treat comes from {and, hey, it's not even Wednesday and you're getting mo writerly nuggets} friend Barbara over at The Serenity Room. Of course I had to tweak it and break some rules (I'm just like dat sometimes), but it was fun to do. I'm not gonna tag folks, so feel free to borrow it for your own bloggy's devious purposes, twisting and turning it to form a new or traditional version of this acrostic game.

But before that, and since I loves me some trivia as you know, here's some background on the word acrostic since I had to do a little research at Wikipedia to make sure I was calling this meme the right thing: Acrostic: a poem, or other writing in an alphabetic script, in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out another message. An acrostic can be used as a mneumonic device to aid memory retrieval. A famous acrostic was made on the Greek for the acclamation Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior which in Greek is: Iesous CHristos, THeou Uios, Soter (ch and th being each one letter in Greek and u is also y). The initials spell ICHTHUS (same as ICHTHYS), Greek for fish; hence the frequent use of the fish by early Christians and up to now as a symbol for Jesus Christ.

Now, boysies and girlies, wasn't that a cool example to have found right here at Christmastime?! So, on with the Christmas Acrostic for Writers (or in Gumbo Writer language, the C.A.W.) *grin* ~~

C ~ Chapters/stories written and edited to perfection
H ~ Happy news on submissions and queries
R ~ Readers who help polish your work
I ~ Ink (pens and cartridges) which never run dry
S ~ Stockings filled with plenty of WIPs
T ~ Tons of toys of the writerly kind
M ~ Major editors begging for your work
A ~ Angels watching over your computer's hard drive
S ~ Successful writing endeavors in the New Year

Add one or a couple of your own Writer's Christmas ideas in a comment!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Change acrostic to agnostic and i'm game - haw haw! The heathen speaketh again...*teehee* The Fallen Baptist... snork

Anway, this heathen fallen baptist every year says to her spousal unit in residence, "Gee, even tho I am a fallen baptist heathen, for some reason I really want a creche(sp?) a nativity scene... just a little one..." years pass. "Gee, one that looks 'natural' - you know, not all shiny and golden, but something ...something..." years pass. "Gee, why would a heathn want a nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, Babe? I don't know - I just do for some reason...I can't explain it..." year passed...I mentioned it the other day - we will see what happens this year *LAUGH*

c- can't get though
h - he doesn't listen
r - roger is clueless (haw)
i - I have hinted
s - she really has!
t - this year may be it?
m - maybe
a - and so I'll wait
s - story of my life


Terri Tiffany said...

Get her a nativity scene!! I'll send her mine if she really wants one:))

Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL, as our State motto says, "Come as you are, leave different." :) (Didn't I just read that in your newly accepted essay at New Southerner? Congrats on that, again!

Terri, I'm gonna send her one...then she'll have a big fat cow & say, "I wasn't hinting!" which I know she never would. It'll just be my pleasure. :) Kat's not a heathen at all, PS, she just doesn't dig conventional religion. But she's mucho spiritual. (And Baby Jesus'll watch over her from His creche.) *smile*

mlh said...

Okay, I'll try my hand at this.

C -Character building for a story
H -Hoping it won't be too gory
R -Rewrites galore
I -Instituting a "No snacking" sign on the door
S -Sentence structure has me reeling
T -Touching upon a reader's feelings
M -Making the most of my time
A -Attention to detail...wait, this meme rhymes
S -Savoring the story although this is the last line

Travis Erwin said...

I'll add a short one.

S - Snappy Synonyms so that synopsis will sing

A - Awesome agents willing to acquire another able-bodied author

N - New novel ideas that nearly write themselves

T - Tantalizing titles to titillate top notch editors

A - Alcohol always available when all else is awol

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great list, Mich!

El.Oh.El, Travis!! Love your HoHoHo! :)

Barbara said...

C-Characters filled with intrigue
H-Handsome hero
R-Read other writers
I-Ideas written on scraps of paper
S-Story developed from life
T-Title filled with interest
M-Message that's inspiring
A-A magical ending
S-Save everything you write

**I've nominated you for an award. Stop by The Serenity Gate and see!

Melissa Marsh said...

LOVE this! Will have to remember to do it this week!

Janna Qualman said...

Great acr... aco... Whatever they're called! ;)

Ms. B1tch is tired tired tired...(and very hungry said...

C - crappy day at Fancy Club
H - Had run in with Bee-otch with a fur coat
R - Ran over fur coat with car (in MS B's mind)
I - itched to slap FurCoatWoman
S - settled for giving her what for in Ms B's way
T - Tittered over Ms B's moxy
M - Made FCW apologize (in her own way)
A - Asked for respect and got it
S - Staff loves Ms B

Ms B Loves You All! *muwah* as long as you treat Ms B respectfully, and preferably as a Queen...of course.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Barbara, nice ones! I'll be by your place shortly.

It was fun, Melissa. I bet you'll put a good spin on it.

LOL, Janna! :)

Ms. B, you truly are Queen of the fancy club. *hehe*

Shammickite said...

Great acrostics, everyone!
But I don't think I'll try.

Debbie said...

You all have more brain power than I do today! I'll just enjoy yours.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hey, Sham. Glad you got home, and thanks for stopping in.

You too, Debbie. (Hope spider bite boy is healing more and more!)

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