Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Funnies - Blonde Goes Postal

Yay, it's Friday! Hope you have a few laughs this weekend. :D Here's a little humor to get you started right ~~~

A blonde needs some stamps for Easter cards she's mailing out, so goes to the post office for her purchase. 

She asks the clerk, "May I have 50 Easter stamps with cute little bunnies or pretty flowers on them, please?" 

The clerk asks, "What denomination?" 

The blonde swings her long hair, digs a calculator out of her purse and starts calculating. Finally she says in a snide voice, "Well! Has it come to this? Give me 22 Catholics, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran, and 6 Baptists." 


Anonymous said...

aw lawd! *laughing* . . . :-D

Char said...

Funny....thanks for the laugh. =)

Karen said...

Ha, but that takes talent to figure up each of those denominations, doesn't it? Says this blonde.....

Angie Ledbetter said...

Love me some blonde giggles! :)

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