Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tasty Tuesday ~~ Terrific Twofer: Soup and Salad

I love when people pass along their fav recipes, so I can pass 'em along to you! These two come from my daddy's friends, Beth Bennett and J.P. Averette.

Thought of the day ~~ Our "plates" are truly full when we have good friends to share with. Enjoy!

TACO SALAD (with delicious twists)

Ground Beef --------------------------- 1 Lb.
Taco Mix ------------------------------- 1 Pkg.
Lettuce -------------------------------- 1 Head
Cherry Tomatoes --------------------- 1 Container (Small whole tomatoes) 
Avocado ------------------------------- 1 each
Red Beans ----------------------------- 1 Can (15 1/2 Oz) (W/juice, not cream style)
Dressing ------------------------------- Thousand Isle (Use approximately 6 to 8 Oz)
Fritos ---------------------------------- 1 Bag (9 1/4 Oz - small Fritos)

Cook the Ground Beef using just a small amount of Olive Oil while adding to it, during cooking process, only one-half of the Taco Mix. Drain. Allow the Cooked Beef to cool.

Chop and wash the Head of Lettuce and allow it to drain. Dry with a paper towel if necessary before mixing into the salad.

Drain the can of Red Beans and dry them if necessary. These beans may be washed and wiped dry. Peel the Avocado and cut into real small pieces. Crush the Fritos.

In a Large Bowl: Combine and mix the Beef cooked with the Taco Mix, with the Chopped Lettuce, whole Cherry Tomatoes, Chopped Avocado, Red Beans, Dressing, and Crushed Fritos. Stir in the Thousand Isle Dressing (6 to 8 Oz).

Notes: Ample salt should be provided by the Taco Mix. If the salad is to be eaten at a later time; keep the ingredients cool in individual containers and mix just prior to eating.
 Note: Adding grated Cheese (Just a light sprinkling) and/or very small Pineapple pieces

(1 heaping TBS) is optional. Notes Wonder how this would taste with some small Spinach Leaves added? Say, abouta half-n-half mixture with the lettuce? OK, how about adding some finely chopped onion and garlic to the Ground Meat/Taco Powder mixture for a little Cajun touch? Call it “CajunMex Taco Salad."

OK- Ok, I’ll quit with this one; How about a heaping Tbs of fresh, crisp bacon bits?

Red Beans (Dark Red Kidney) ------------------------- 1 Can (151/2 Oz)
White Beans -------------------------------------------- 1 Can (151/2 Oz)
Black Beans --------------------------------------------- 1 Can (151/2 Oz)
Ground Meat (Good Grade of Lean Meat) ---------- ½ LB.
Chicken Broth ------------------------------------------ 1 Can
Rotel Traditional (With Peppers) -------------------- 1 Can
Diced Tomatoes ---------------------------------------- 1 Large Can
Bell Pepper (Chopped) -------------------------------- 1 Cup
Onion (Yellow – Chopped) ---------------------------- 1-1/2 Cups
Garlic (Finely Chopped) ------------------------------- 5 Large Cloves
Tony’s Seasoning ----------------------------------------1 TBS
Olive Oil ------------------------------------------------- 5 TBS
Salt & Pepper ------------------------------------------- To Taste
Sour Cream ---------------------------------------------- Large “dollop” per serving.

Place Olive Oil in a large black iron pot. Add the Ground Meat, Bell Pepper, Tony’s Seasoning, and Onion. Sautee the mixture until the meat is just about cooked and then add the Minced Garlic to cook just a short time more. (Note: This prevents the Garlic from Burning) (Note: It would be extremely difficult to use too much Chopped Garlic or Onion) (Note: Save about a half-cup of the chopped onion to add later.)

With the meat cooked, begin to add the Beans (Red, White, and Black), Chicken Broth, Diced Tomatoes (Large Can), and Rotel Tomatoes, and the Chopped Onion that you saved. Note: Add the juice from each can also) Note: The addition of Salt will probably be necessary due to the ground meat. Place a lid on the mixture and, at low heat, allow the soup to come to a very slow boil for no more than five minutes before turning the heat off to allow the soup to “soak” for a short time.

Serve with Keebler Crackers and a large “dollop” of Sour Cream over to one side of the bowl.

Note: This soup freezes well in individual containers for serving at a later time.


Steph Jordan said...

Yum! Today sounds like a Twewiffic day for a Twofer...or at least some Taco Salad! :-) Sounds yummy!

kim said...


Diane said...

The soup sounds yum on these brisk fall days. :O)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Mmmmmm...sounds good!

I hopped over from Kittie Howard's blog to say hello and congratulate you on your award. :-)

Kittie Howard said...

Me sha, got a little something for you over at my shack. Enjoy!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife would love the soup.
Hey, we're getting the ingredients for the sopapilla cheesecake tomorrow, so hopefully we'll make it by the weekend.

Carolyn V. said...

I was just getting ready to make dinner. I may have to change what we are eating. Mmmm. =)

Titus said...

Ooh yum! I figured out Rotel Traditional (tinned tomatoes, right?) but what are Keebler Crackers?

Marguerite said...

Wowweeee, both of these look FAB! And I love your Caj-Mex tweaks on the Taco Salad! There's a little surprise for you on my blog, cher! Cheers!

L.T. Elliot said...

Soup and salad are my FAVORITES! Hooray!

Debbie said...

Yum! And I love black bean soup.

Gretchen said...

I make a similar taco salad except I use Catalina dressing. I think I'll give the Thousand Island dressing a try.

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