Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Writerly Wednesday ~~ Wish You Were Here!

Nothing better for your writing than to escape the rat race and regular routines (how ya like all them Rs?) for a fresh and different perspective. Can you believe this view from Kat's porch? Every few minutes it changes, according to the weather and time of day. Ahhh! I call this Magendie Mountain.

Just one of the many critters that visits all the time; perfectly at home until three or four of the bushy-tailed babies start squawking over whose turn it is at the feeding trough. A great reminder to incorporate sight, smell and sound into our WIPs too.

Lest you think Kat and I are only playing while I'm here visiting, here's proof that we're getting some writing and social networking done along with the fun. Working with someone else can unearth buried writing fodder and nuggets if you brainstorm well together. There's nothing more inspiring to me than writing together because it's often a lonely pursuit.

Do you have someone with whom you work particularly well? Have you contacted them lately? Even via email or phone, you can get each other's writing pistons firing!


If you love poetry (reading and/or writing it), cruise on over to Rose & Thorn Journal's blog and read the eloquent and lovely thoughts of Louisiana State Poet Laureate Dr. Darrell Bourque's two-part interview. You'll be glad ya did!


Scott said...

Great pictures! That squirrel is so dang cute.

I work at the kitchen table a lot of times so I can check on the sundry wildlife that wanders through the backyard. Yes, every now and then I need to pull myself away from my writing and stare at the hummers and golden finches, the cardinals and blue birds, the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and the occassional deer.


Deb Shucka said...

So happy the two of you are having time together, and in such a gorgeous place. I'm in Iowa right now with Carrie having a similar time, only with a whole bunch of other people. There is nothing like a good friend to help with the writing process - and most other things.

jinksy said...

Blimey, I didn't read this till 4.25pm, but my pistons have been firing all day, thanks to Bloggers who will keep throwing down the gauntley to me. How right you are about the two head syndrome...or three...or more...
That first photo is a DREAM.

Marguerite said...

Magendie Mountain is gorgeous! They say that two heads are better than one. I think that you and Kat should co-author a book! That would be an interesting read! lol

Travis Erwin said...

Now you are just gloating. LOL

Diane said...

Any writing collaborations you guys are working on???? Sounds very peaceful for both of you. :O)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Scott - wish you could see 'em when they start "boxing" on the feeder. Glad you have critters to entertain you too.

Deb - for sure! Y'all hug each other for us and we'll do the same. Have a ball!

Jinksy - I agree with ya about the 2-headed or more muse AND the heavenly view up here. Almost makes you cry.

We work on several projects together, Marguerite, like Rose & Thorn Journal...but one day, who knows if a book might come about? :)

Travis - Sho nuff! LOL

We do Rose & Thorn Journal together, but who knows? One day maybe a novel, Diane.

Janna Qualman said...

Love this little peek into your time together. It's fabulous!

Karen said...

Good friends are the best! That place is beautiful. Enjoy!

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