Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nice Things, Nice People

If you're looking for something to spark your writing efforts, check out my new friend Joey's blog. She's got a fun Labor Day Challenge going on that you might enjoy. Joey has been living and teaching abroad, but has returned this semester to the hallowed grounds of LSU! Oh lucky students.

I've been remiss in my blog visiting and also in expressing thanks to friends who awarded blingage to Gumbo Writer. I want to remedy that next.

I appreciate you Linda Hoye

and Carol Murdock
for the lovely new blog adornments! You rock and so do your blogs! 
Now, if any of you are near Mechanicsburg, PA, hustle on over to 2ndFloorGallery at 105 S. Market Street to check out Susan Girolami Kramer's photo exhibit from next week through the end of September.

Susan is Rose & Thorn Journal's newsletter designer, and she's doing a fabulous job! Can't wait for y'all to see her creative work unveiled in mid-October...because I know you're all signed up to receive those quarterly newsletters that announce our editions going live, right? *wink* 

Hoping your Labor Day weekend is going spectacularly!

*"Nice" photo by Heart of Oak


Michelle H. said...

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

JKS said...

Thanks Angie, you're a peach!

B.J. Anderson said...

Congrats on all the lovely blog bling and have a great extended weekend!

Jenna said...

Happy Labor Day weekend! Hope it's a good one! :D

Angie Ledbetter said...

Same to you Michelle.

My pleasure, Joey/JKS.

B.J. - Hope yours is long and relaxing!

Jenna - Same to you. :)

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend! I'm resting up as much as possible!! ♥

Congrats on your terrific awards, too!

Boomer Baby Bliss

Angie Ledbetter said...

Take it easy and slow, Boomer!

The Things We Carried said...

Angie, Your place looks great with the bling! Congrats! Now to see that challenge.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the awards! I hope you have a great weekend. :-)

Deb Shucka said...

Thanks for the new blog to check out. Amazing pictures! As always, congrats on well-deserved bling. Hope your weekend is restful, peaceful and wonderful.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Thanks, y'all! :o)

Terresa said...

Here's to a sweet Labor day weekend. I'll go check out that challenge now.

Debbie said...

Labor Day is fun here. But, not much time for the blogging or the visiting!

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