Monday, September 7, 2009

Gumbo Gripes & Grins


If you have time between firing up the BBQ pit, hosting or attending family & friend gatherings, or just lazing around...

share your gripes (pet peeves) and grins (things that make ya smile) with your Blogorama buddies today. Enquiring minds wanna know!

To get the ball rolling, I'll start ~~

Grins: naps and a day off from life's treadmill
Gripes: rude drivers and selfish people

See how easy that was? Now, your turn....

*Photo image by Emmaline


B.J. Anderson said...

Grins: My kiddos running through the sprinkler, and hot dogs cooked over a campfire.

Gripes: People who talk on their cell phones while their at a restaurant, and people who litter.

Red Bird said...

Grin: a really good poem
Gripe: not enough time in the world to read all the really good poems
Happy Labor Day, Angie...

Linda said...

Grins: enjoying my morning coffee in bed on a day off
Gripes: 4:45am on a work day

DebraLSchubert said...

Grins: Sitting at the beach, reading a book, and watching surfers battle the waves.

Gripes: People who pull in front of you on the highway and go 40 mph.

lakeviewer said...

Grin: the gorgeous vistas in my neck of the woods.

Gripes: none right now-later on, too many rainy days.

Angie Ledbetter said...

B.J. - Hope you get lots of your favorite grins on the holiday today!

Red Bird - Those are good ones. Can I have your gripes/grins too? Good day to you, poet lady. :)

Yay & eww, Linda. LOL

Schube - good ones! Glad you got your beachy holiday. Tough to go home, huh?

No gripes, lakeviewer? Wheeeeee!!

jinksy said...

Grin: freckles on kids tiny noses!

Gripe: people who say/write 'could of' instead of 'could've' when they mean 'could have'!

Karen said...

Grin: Seeing new pictures of my grandkids.

Gripes: I live in Fl and they live in Va.

Michelle H. said...

Grin: Seeing people smile for no other reason than to share a bit of humor with the world.

Gripes: People who belittle others because they think it's fun and it inflates their own self-worth.

Stacy Post said...

Grins: ice in my drink when it's hot, a fuzzy blanket when it's cold, a favorite sweatshirt when I write. Always having something new to read, naturally!

Gripes: cars that don't let bicyclists share the road and grumps who yell at kids for no reason.

Happy Labor Day, Angie! I'm taking my bike out later today!!

Hilary said...

Grins: Wandering around a new place with my camera.
Gripes: Loud people.. cell phones, boom boxes.. just loud speaking voices. Aside from kidlets that is. :)

Sandra Leigh said...

Grins: Reading a book that won't let me go.

Gripes: Wandering apostrophe's that appear in inappropriate place's.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Grin: Good health

Gripe: Poor health

(I have a friend that is dying of liver cancer, which has made me realize how short life can be and how precious good health is.)

Dorraine said...

Grins: Seeing my husband making his funny face while hitting golf balls.

Gripes: Just wishing the days wouldn't go by so fast.

And by the way, Angie, I love your blog and I'm so happy I discovered it. Because I enjoy your colorful spin on life, I gave you a Kreative Blogger Award. Please stop by Free Ice Cream to pick up your sweet prize.



Anonymous said...

Grins, Watching kids grow and mature and yet keep their sense of humor. Like "my" kids.
Cast iron, food and fire.
Gripes, nothing really. Takes too much effort.

Travis Erwin said...

My entire blog today was a gripe. Does that count?

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Grin: Seeing my husband's smiling face.

Gripe: Everything technical!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Gripes: people who start texting during a conversation.
Grin: Holding any of my 6 grand-babies!

Laura Martone said...

Ooh, I want to play, too!

Grins - Reading on my hammock, sharing thoughts with fellow bloggers, watching funny movies, getting lost in the world of my novel, and, to expand on Donna's K.'s grin, hearing my husband's laugh. Love it, I tell you! And I also adore watching my kitty stretch, with her paws curling and her tongue sticking out. Too cute! I have oodles of other grins, but I'll stop there... :-)

Gripes - Nowadays, I'm trying hard to keep complaints to myself, but I agree with previous gripes like loud phone conversations, litter bugs, bad drivers, mean people, and too little time to pursue all my interests. Extreme politicians and selfish people are pretty uncool, too.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Jinksy, Karen & Michelle - it's all about the good people, isn't it? Especially friends and family. :)

Stacy - So glad to know your leg is mended enough for you to be out riding yor bike!

I really REALLY enjoy your photography, Hilary. Keep shootin'.

LOL on the misplaced apstrophe's, Sandra. :)

Elizabeth - I can so relate, being a care taker for my mom who has brain cancer. Prayers to your friend.

Well, Dorraine, THANK YOU. And thanks for coming by!

Oren, thanks for contributing the TWO huge pots of white chocolate bread pudding for Fresh Prince's Eagle Scout reception. It was just as wonderful as always...with its own separate line of hungry folks waiting for a bowl! (Tomorrow's recipe in your honor.) :)

Travis - It certainly does. *grin*

I prefer the human interfacing over technical issues too, Donna.

Boomer - Life's pleasures, eh?

Hey Laura, and thanks for playing! (Emailed ya about blog interview.) :)

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Grins: We're moving to Pensacola, Florida! Hooray! Good bye Alabama, I will not miss you! Plus, a great job opportunity for my husband and me getting to stay at home with Vivian and pursue my writing interests! :-)

Gripes: The stress of moving and packing and all that goes along with it. (But we've done it three times already so what's ONE more time? ;-)

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