Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool Freebie on Wednesday Writings!

We talk about all things writing here at Gumbo Writer's place on Wednesdays, and today I've got a bonus for you, boys and girls. Fumbling around at the other day, I came upon a free download offer known as an Amazon Short. Ever the skeptic, I said to myself, "Self, is there really anything free these days?"

But owing to my ever-hopeful nature, I decided to check it out. And guess what? The offer really was free. The download focuses on a topic of interest to many of us writerly types -- querying. How exciting is that?

Hop on over to that humongous online bookstore via this link ---> Short and check it out for yourselves. You can download to your computer or have sent to your email inbox the short and sweet little nugget called How to Write a Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman.

There are 12 customer reviews, and all gave 5-star ratings. Even if you think your query letter is perfect as is, you might find just one more way to spiff it up or a suggestion to help it float to the top of the slush pile. And, did I mention it's f.r.e.e?

As proof of the free-ness of the download, here's my confirmation email:

Details: Order #: D01-4320533-6949913
Subtotal of items: $ 0.00 ------
Total before tax: $ 0.00
Sales Tax: $ 0.00 ------
Total for this Order: $ 0.00

Lemme know how you enjoyed the short if you get it, and I'm hoping your writing projects are going great and not giving you extra headaches.

Now....go.....shoo........whatcha waiting on? :)


Lori Tiron-Pandit said...

Yes, yes, I'm going! Thank you.

Embee said...

Thanks! I'm going to try to get over there today. Awesome find!

Jill Kemerer said...

Thanks! I have Noah Lukeman's book "The First Five Pages." Very informative. Have a great day!

Lady Glamis said...

Okay, that's AWESOME! I gotta go get that, thanks!

Michelle H. said...

You are the MAN, er, WOMAN! Thanks for this!

Kasie West said...

Thanks for the heads up. Free is good. :)

Debbie said...

Free is one of my favorite words!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Cool! A freebie! :)

I need something to distract me - bad pain day.

Anonymous said...

I love the internet and all of the things you can learn and do while surfing. What did we do without it?

Wendy said...

I loved your comment to yourself! :D
It's like you climbed inside my head. Neh, not really, but it made me laugh!
~ Wendy

kimmi said...

Great share, Angie!!

hugs and prayers for you and mum.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Glad y'all liked, and hope you find a good tip or two in the Short. :)

Deb Shucka said...

You are a virtual treasure chest of wonderful stuff. This is exactly what I need exactly right now. Thank you so much!

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