Friday, October 24, 2008

What Up in Da House?

It's Friday, and the day I usually talk about family life and stuff, but since I'm still on VACATION (yes!), I thought I'd address a common fear most of us parenting people have. Unless I'm just nuts and nobody else feels this way. In that case, I'm talking about my own personal craziness.

The photo above captures what I imagine can happen while Mom's away. The mice -- all let loose and without rules and strict supervision -- can and do play. Not to insult Dad (King Rufus), but it's just a mother thing to worry about her nest and baby birds...okay, they're big hulking buzzard-birds, but mine nonetheless...when she's flown from the nest for a while.

In reality, the worst that will probably happen is the boys (Fresh Prince and Court Jester) will have to go to school in dirty uniforms because I am the only person in a household of five who knows how to operate the terribly complicated mechanics of a washing machine. Don't even get me started on the big bad dryer. Other than that, they'll probably eat out every night, so there are no worries about them being nutritionally deprived, and things will rock right along.

On second thought...maybe I should be more worried that they won't even notice I'm gone!


Debbie said...

You were right on so many levels in this post. Why can we imagine such horrible things happening while we are away? And why can no one else seem to do all the little things that need to be done? But I have always found that I am deeply missed.

Terri Tiffany said...

I was thinking what a great husband and family you had to take care of themselves when you left! Glad you made it ok. When do you get back?

giddymomof6 said...

LOL! This blog soo cracked me up! Except my case it's leaving my hubby alone for too long that causes the nightmares! hahahah! Thanks!

Lori said...

Angie, given the myriad of instructions that follow any "help" I get, I consider the washing machine my own personal triumph. I may not be able to replace my own car's head gasket, but damn if I can't push that "extra large" button all by myself! LOL

Angie Ledbetter said...

Debbie, I'm sure it'll be the same at my house when they finally realize they're alone and the Mom is the one who's off gallavanting for a change! Surely the thrill of not having to do chores and all the fun of eating out most meals will wear off quickly? LOL.

IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE IN N.C.! Wish you all could see it, but I'll be bringing a camera loaded down when I get home. :)

Terri, I'll be back Monday night, but will go straight to my parents' since that's one of my weekly nights to stay and help out.

LOL, GiddyMom. I don't think I could've ever left mine with SIX kidlets! Come to think of it, didn't do it but a few times while my 3 were young. But now that they're self-sufficient.....Granny bar the door!

*Laughing* Hear ya, Lori! (Pssst: The mechanic can take care of all those car matters for ya, but nobody's going to go find a washateria!)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Haw! I am the same way -even without kids here as mine is grown and lives in Oregon. But, I can imagine all kinds of horrors.

Worse, when I am planning something I worry "something will happen [to me or whatever]" before I can enjoy it!

So glad you are here! :-)
Hey the characters to insert below are katerh!

Anonymous said...

Even though my crew is older now, I can't help but worry about them and my house when I am away. They are all pretty self-efficient but I guess it's a "MAMA THANG".

Small Footprints said...

Ha ... that was just too funny. I love your description of your darlings as big hulking buzzard-birds. :) Wow ... is the washer and dryer the only things that you ... and you alone ... know how to operate? I can add to that list ... the vacuum, a dust cloth, the dishwasher ... oh ... and when the garbage needs emptying ... no one knows how to move (leg paralysis is a common ailment in these parts).

Where in NC are you? We live in Asheville and it's beautiful right now ... the colors are just turning to their most brilliant!

Enjoy your vacation!

Small Footprints

Suldog said...

Not a parent, but I know that's how my Dad felt! He'd call to check up on me every spare moment he had. His fears were usually justified, by the way, but I never did any permanent harm :-)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Oh, they'll notice! Your job will be not to notice the disaster waiting for you when you return!

tut-tut said...

Sometimes, going away produces more bother than it's worth!!

Patresa Hartman said...

oh no!

don't worry about burning houses while you're away!

dirty uniforms never hurt anybody. (i'm not sure about the effects of a week of doritos for dinner. hmmm...)

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh goodness! I know exactly how you feel. I had all sorts of bad thoughts enter my mind before I set off on vacation. Thankfully, none of them came true and I'm sure your brood will be just fine while you're gone, but very eager to welcome you home!

Anonymous said...

Give us some credit. We are good for some things.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Kat, thanks for having me. Can't believe I'm finally here!

Ang, you're right, a certain amount of worry comes with our job description.

LOL, Small. I've got a real similar list of items no one else seems to be able to master. Hey, I landed in Asheville! In Maggie now. ;)

Suldog, somehow, that didn't make me feel better. (Not really. The fam's in perfectly good hands with Dad at the helm and the kids *should* know how to behave by now.)

Whatever I find when I get'll be well worth the vacation, Carrie. LOL

Tut, that does happen sometimes, but it helps when the kids grow up some. They're all so busy, they won't be home much.

Hear ya, Patresa. No permanent damage will be done, I'm sure.

Thanks, Melissa, and I hope you're right.

Oren, y'all are good for LOTS of stuff! :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

Enjoy your vacation. Maybe you'll come home to a spotless house? What? Dare to dream.

Angie Ledbetter said...

I'm dreaming big, Michelle, but even if it's a wreck, it'll be worth it!

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